Let Your Voice Be Heard

Do you like this website? Want one of your own?

It’s a sneak-peak of next generation products powered by servers that I work with every day at GoDaddy on brand new technology called, “Managed WordPress.” We are gearing up to sell the best products of their kind with Superbowl ads.  Under the hood, these new hosting plans are earth shattering oh-so-fast. Brilliant folks engineered solutions for almost a year customizing source code, cutting out Linux Kernel fat and dropped phat sacks of benji’s on hardware including at least twenty four CPU cores and one hundred GB of memory. So what the heck does all that mean? Screaming fast “insta-click” response times for YOUR website.

You can get one of these babies for  under seven bucks per month. It comes with hundreds of themes, newsletter email plugin, auto-updates and easy-to-use interface for content updates. I’ve been in the hosting biz for over ten years and this is the easiest way to get your identity on the internet without having to give away your copyrights to Facebook, Google or Twitter.

Give your new website a really cool name. We have brand spanking new website name types that use 897 different category specific extensions called gTLD (generic Top Level Domain). Instead of .com, .net or .us. you can use .cars, .film or .salon for your favorite hobby or business; for example http://www.mymustang.cars or http://www.ourfamily.film. This is a new naming convention that the Internet is using and GoDaddy is the first to make it widely available at a low cost.

This stuff is super-cool and it will change the face of the internet in 2014. Message me your Godaddy Customer Number and I will add you to my discount circle so you will always get between 10% and 25% off  products.